Life is Beautiful (Sonika Kruger)


This book is a thirty-day devotional to inspire women to see life through God’s eyes. This book contains Sonika’s personal stories, struggles, and breakthroughs, as well as godly truths and principles, which will assist you in identifying the kindness and faithfulness of God in every season of your life

Do you want to be a woman who sees life through God’s eyes?

  • the beauty of godliness
  • the beauty of God’s fullness
  • the beauty of simplifying your life
  • the beauty of authentic relationships
  • the beauty of waiting upon the Lord

Then this book is for you.

This book can be used for personal devotional, home or Bible study group discussions and in a mentoring relationship.
May you see that life isn’t perfect but beautiful when we see it through His eyes.


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Life is Beautiful


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20 reviews for Life is Beautiful (Sonika Kruger)

  1. Avatar photo

    Clair Van Eyssen

    I found Life is Beautiful to be a very practical and life building resource. Using stories and advice from real life experience, Sonika shares her heart in a way that brings the beauty God has to show us in this life to new life. Like a master craftsman, she has woven together everything God has shown her in her own life.

    While reading and engaging daily, there is a kind of transformation in how you see your own life – a lense to see the beautiful things even when they seem afar off.

    There is so much more between the lines of the pages of this book, similarly to the beauty in life that it so incredibly describes.

  2. Avatar photo

    Delene Nel

    This book is a gem! It is honest and practical but also beautifully written so that your heart is genuinely touched by the truths shared. A must read for every woman who wants to grow in freedom and maturity!

  3. Avatar photo

    Kerry-Minette Collins

    Sonika’s openness and vulnerability is so refreshing; especially in a time when women need to be encouraged to strengthen themselves in the Lord’s goodness , and to keep hope alive when life does not feel particularly “beautiful”. Her authenticity, and the beauty of God’s promises in His word, will refresh your soul!

  4. Avatar photo

    Nastassja Kotze

    Life is beautiful will impact your life!

    You will receive new hope for the areas in which you have become discouraged or tired of waiting. You will be greatly encouraged that the dreams which God has placed in your heart are not just achievable but you will also be equipped to pursue them, in relationship with God, until you see them become a part of your reality. You will be allured by God’s goodness and into the fullness and freedom that our loving Father has intended for each of us to live in. 

    As you embrace the same truths found in God’s Word that Sonika has embraced, you too will experience that your “Life is beautiful”.  

  5. Avatar photo

    Lizeri Combrinck (verified owner)

    Wow! What a Spirit inspired & spirit FILLED book of ‘live’ testimonies!

    I believe that every single woman who goes through challenges, should read this devotional book…(which is EVERYONE!)

    It is not just stories and testimonies of HOPE and HEALINGS…But through Sonika’s humility and vulnerability, her obedience and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit’s voice…it makes every story come alive in your heart as you read them and it forms a NEW revelation in your spirit that fits your current season through the power of the Holy Spirit! I really experienced His supernatural power through Sonika’s first book, as well as her current book!

    I don’t know of 1 lady who read the book…and did not desire for EVERYONE to also read the book!!!

    Open your Spirit and allow Him to bring supernatural change in your heart, as you read this book, which is an open vessel for the Spirit’s power to flow through, if you are willing to receive the gushing wave of God’s love and mercy!

    We were made for His glory, to receive His love & to be shaped into His image, through our challenges! Have a joy ride through this book!

  6. Avatar photo

    Gaye Moonieya

    I was eagerly waiting for Sonika’s second book and it doesn’t disappoint. It is full of wisdom and beautiful nuggets of truth gleaned from her life. Today I chuckled out loud when I read the story about how she was explaining to Andre where he could find something and her son Wian piped up “Is that how you speak to a king?” Every women everywhere who has ever told her husband where to find something knows exactly what tone she was using. It’s this kind of realness we can all identify with.

    I think this is partly why the book is so powerful; and because it comes from someone who is in full time ministry and a pastor’s wife. It’s rare to find someone in Sonika’s position being so open and vulnerable about their own struggles: struggles we all deal with being human. This is both comforting and encouraging.

    The book is beautifully presented and edited and from someone who is hypercritical and has a pet hate of typos and mistakes, I am thrilled I haven’t spotted any! It’s a work of excellence that brings glory to God.

  7. Avatar photo


    This book is a real diamond. I really received new hope as I read the book.

  8. Avatar photo

    Koba Henning

    My dear friend Sonika and Jesus is a guaranteed winning team! (And ofcourse everyone else who contributed to this powerful book 🙂

    I love how Sonika PURPOSEFULLY steers her heart towards God’s purposes.

    In “Life is Beautiful” she inspired me again to be INTENTIONAL about the actions I take and the words I speak to remind my own heart of God’s truth and love.

    Thank you Sonika, thank you, Jesus!

  9. Avatar photo

    Gabriella Rothmann

    Seeing life as beautiful has not always been easy. At many times this truth has been clouded by circumstances and challenges, however, with God life is ALWAYS beautiful. “Life is Beautiful” book is evidence of this beauty. It is evidence that with Christ ALL things are possible and we have the privilege of knowing the King who beautifies life.

    I have been so encouraged through this book to actively look for the beautiful elements of Life. Through Sonika’s authenticity and vulnerability, I believe many women will be encouraged to stand as radical atmosphere shifters. I believe God has created us, as women, to have the unique ability to connect with the beauty around us and this book will teach you how to harness this gift and steward it in a way that the world may also share in his beauty.

    Thank you Sonika for sharing this truth and I trust all readers will be blessed throughout this 30 day period.

    Enjoy reading beautiful ladies.

  10. Avatar photo

    Aronette Meiring

    In the devotional, Life is beautiful, Sonika daily shares about her own personal battles and about how God empowered her to OVERCOME! It makes this book very real and authentic to the ordinary lady, battling with many of the same issues. Every lady reading this book, whether newly devoted to Christ or mature in her relationship with God will be able to relate to something personal to them, leaving them with hope in that very area of despair of hopelessness.
    Every day there is a practical section in the book. This helps the reader to apply what she read in her own life, thereby learning to walk daily, through prayer, by the power of God, Jesus and the holy spirit , towards OVERCOMING AND CONQUERING her own fears and battles.
    The title of this book remains the thread throughout every message Sonika shares, that indeed God can turn your worst Battle into something beautiful and for His Glory.

  11. Avatar photo

    Kim Gonneau

    Sonika’s book “Life is beautiful” has touched me so deeply and I absolutely love how each day and story reflects the growth of her own life. The depth that each day or topic goes into allows you to really meditate on the message and to assess your heart. It is authentic, real and life changing! Anyone who finds life challenging has to read this book. Every day holds the key to making your life more beautiful, stress-free, happy and the opportunity to see life through God’s eyes!

  12. Avatar photo

    Marietjie Prinsloo

    I love the simple but powerful stories and testimonies that we can all relate to as mothers, wives and women.
    I’m so proud of you Sonika!

  13. Avatar photo

    Anneke Grace Titus – age 13

    From a teens point of view Life is beautiful, truly made it very clear to me that it is.We always tend to see things through the worlds eyes and we’re never actually focusing on seeing life through God’s eyes .Something that really stood out for me so far ,as I’m working through the devotional is the fact that the author uses examples out of her own life, tells us about her personal struggles and encourages us through it all to hold on to God. I can’t wait to continue my journey through this incredible book ,and I wish all teenage girls could have it on their bedside table.

  14. Avatar photo

    Lelane Klose

    It’s a beautiful and rare thing to have leaders and people in places of influence invite you into their lives and to witness not only the beauty, but also the struggles, openly and honestly. Authenticity is a rare currency and Sonika trades in this like few others. As she lays her heart bare on the table through her writing, she invites others to do the same as well. Not only does she present us with solid Biblical truths, she also provides very practical ways to action these truths in our lives.

    “Life is Beautiful” is an invitation to every woman to assess which lens she’s viewing life through. Something that’s worth checking in on often in your journey with God. The way Sonika shares makes this book accessible to both the new believer, as well as the ones further along down the road.

  15. Avatar photo

    Nikki TItus

    I enjoyed Sonika’s first book , “Free to be ” such a lot and gave it as gifts often , knowing that it will impact lives and be a gift that could with confidence be re- gifted to bless so many more women. This created an expectation for another book and I was elated at the knowledge of the publication of ” Life is Beautiful”. As I work through it during my morning devotion it has often been a powerful confirmation or source of comfort and direction as I quiet my heart before the Lord. It will most definitely again be a gift item to many I know.

  16. Avatar photo

    Hester Kingwill

    Loved this book even more than the first one! Thanks Sonika for your honesty and realness , every day came as if it was written for me. I honor your obedience to write this and trust many people’s lives will be changed by this. I already blessed couple of my friends with your book and looking forward to their feedback. I appreciate your practical examples , really blessed me in a time I needed this.

  17. Avatar photo

    Tracy Kriedemann

    As I have been reading this book, I feel as though I have been receiving kisses from Heaven. Everyday and every story so far has been relevant or relatable to my life in one way or another.

    Sonika has the amazing ability to speak clearly and transparently straight to your heart in extremely practical ways which is so important for anyone with the eyes and ears to receive.
    Let the words illuminate on the pages and speak to your heart in a mighty way.

  18. Avatar photo

    Sheryl Dearlove

    I highly recommend this book …. life is beautiful.
    It is written with sensitivity and honesty.
    The pages draw you in to the miracle of life as it can be lived by each one of us… victorious .. if we just surrender to Jesus and let Him direct our lives into something beautiful.
    As you read the book you realise youre not alone in your struggles and realise victories can be achieved by ordinary women.
    Testimonies encourage us that Jesus is indeed working in our lives.
    What a beautiful book to give to someone you love…
    Very proud of you Sonika.

  19. Avatar photo

    Chantal West

    I loved reading this book during a time in my life where I went through a lot of transition, such as changing jobs and overcoming some personal struggles in various aspects. It gave me hope and encouragement during some tough times in my journey. Sonika is so real and has an authentic relationship with God which is inspiring. I love her testimonies and practical steps on how to get Godly perspective in all spheres of life. There are parts of the book that jumped out at me and was highlighted by the Holy Spirit. The one was the part where Sonika shared about going into her promised land after overcoming challenges.. this is where I am at at the moment and reading this was hugely encouraging. I love that our Heavenly Father speaks to His children in such similar ways. The other highlighted bit by the Holy Spirit was the analogy of the scary snake that is the enemy but the realisation that He is just a harmless snail while we are in Christ ..this analogy I loved! The Holy Spirit kept reminding me of that story days after I read it when the ememy came with fear tactics. This book is a reminder that we are more than conquerers in Christ! Very good read

  20. Avatar photo

    Sibulele Robi

    This book is such a blessing to me.
    I appreciate Sonika sharing so much of her life. Her stories are so real and relatable. Her life is such a beautiful testimony and I am so amazed at her willingness to be a vessel of God.

    So many of the parts I have read have been a word in season. This book has spoken volumes to me and helped me answer burning questions in my heart.
    It is such a blessing to me and I can see myself going back and forth to it in different season of my life for years to come.

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