Free to Be (Sonika Kruger)


This book is a thirty-day devotional to inspire women to become who God has intended them to be. It includes Sonika’s personal stories, struggles and breakthroughs, which will encourage you to run this race of life with divine strength. It also includes inspirational and powerful quotes from woman of God, who have wholeheartedly devoted their lives to the cause of Christ.

Do you want to be a woman who is free to

  • leave a Legacy?
  • Overcome?
  • Influence?
  • Love?
  • Be?

Then this book will aid you in finding clearer answers to fulfil your God given destiny.

This book can be used for personal devotional, home or Bible study group discussions and in a mentoring relationship and is also available in e-book format here.

May you become the woman God destined you to be.


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Free To Be


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23 reviews for Free to Be (Sonika Kruger)

  1. Avatar photo

    Clair van Eyssen

    I found Sonika’s revelations of the Father’s Love so refreshing, she has such an incredible intimacy with Him – and it shows. It has shown how much God uses our trials as the greatest builders of our character

  2. Avatar photo

    Nastassja Kotze

    Sonika has a gift of sharing her personal struggles and her own vulnerabilities in a way that everyone can relate. And just when you think, “I feel exactly the same,” she shares how she and Holy Spirit journeyed together, fought the battles and powerfully overcame in such a way that you feel empowered and excited to do the same!

  3. Avatar photo

    Kerry Collins

    Through Sonika’s authenticity, I could hear God’s heart for my own life; His call to use what I have and who I am to advance His purposes. Combining both practical suggestions, as well as Holy-Spirit inspired verses and quotes, this devotional holds treasures for every woman.

  4. Avatar photo

    Ncumisa Botha

    From the time I opened This book I could hear clearly the word Emmanuel (God with us) deep in my heart.

    I have seen throughout this book God’s amazing presence and love in Sonika’s life, and in Her family’s life. While reading this amazing book I realized that when Jesus is your All in All, you get to witness Him in Your all, you get to see Him for who He truly is, you get to see His beautiful face in all the different seasons in your life.

    Sonika,like any other Woman has had many different seasons in her life , seasons of joy, seasons of peace, seasons of fear and seasons of Hope, but in all these different seasons Jesus has been so present in Her life, He has been Her Healer, Her provider, Her source and Her protector . Sonika’s testimonies have really proved that when you walk with Jesus and you allow His Holy Spirit to help you on this journey called life, you will have victory through Christ Jesus for each season that life throws at you, you will know who you truly are and you will walk in the Identity that only Jesus can give you. I am so grateful For Sonika’s heart and her passion for Jesus and His Kingdom, I’m thankful for Her courage and obedience to share her testimonies with the World through this book.

    Sonika’s testimonies have empowered and encouraged me, they have left me saying “Yes indeed, if He could do it for Sonika, than I believe that He will do it for me…”

  5. Avatar photo

    Kim Gonneau

    Free To Be addresses challenges and struggles that all women can relate to, but it’s Sonika’s raw, unfiltered presentation of her journey into victory in these areas, that has me picking up her book again and again to seek out not only the encouragement, but the equipment to arrive at the same destination.

  6. Avatar photo

    Chantal West

    I loved this book!! I was blown away by the authors open way of expressing herself. Her testimonies are truly inspiring. In each chapter, I related to what she shared and loved the fact that for each challenge that she faced, Gods grace and His glory were the outcome and her focas.I feel like it is a book that is anointed by the Holy Spirit as several times, I would be praying about something and shortly afterwards would read a portion of the book which touched on the very thing I was just praying about. A highly recommendable read to all ladies.

  7. Avatar photo

    Sonja Bredell

    I fell in love with this book the moment I received it as a gift from Sonika. The beautiful cover instantly drew me in as a reader.
    In our modern society we as women need more devotionals such as this. It is compact and full spiritual meal; a true blessing. You can incorporate short pieces into your daily life. By reading and studying the Scriptures, this thirty-day devotional help you to discern between the lies of the enemy and the truths of God’s Word for your life. You are drawn by the love of Christ to also believe and become victorious through the personal testimonies of Sonika’s life. You realise that in God there is hope to overcome your own spiritual battles by His grace. The ‘points to ponder’ on are powerful tools. As we quiet ourselves before the Lord, pray and press into the Lord’s presence, this book will help you to surrender and lay down more of yourself to be cleansed, molded and changed. I see a picture of many women worldwide spending time, sitting at His feet like Mary of Bethany.

  8. Avatar photo

    Marietjie Beyers

    While our family visited South Africa this past December, I got hold of a copy of Sonika’s new book, Free to be. I immediately started to read it and loved it so much that i ordered a few extra copies to give away here in Canada. Sonika shares a lot about her personal struggles (which I think many women can relate with…I surely have!) and how that has brought her closer to God. I really appreciate the way she has made herself open and vulnerable to share her journey! This book would be a great gift and blessing to any women.

  9. Avatar photo

    Lauren Cronje

    I received A copy of “free to be” from Sonika and felt God saying I should get a group of ladies together to work through it once a week for 6 weeks. I haven’t hosted a group like this in years but was expectant. Well God did a mighty work of freedom in each of us through those 6 weeks – the book was a great tool for talking about deeper matters that most women are challenged with but can’t always put into words. The mother’s in our group loved that the book was in devotional style requiring only 5-10min a day of actual reading. Sonika tells really powerful stories from her life that require a heart response from the reader. It’s a great book for one on one discipleship around identity or in a group setting.

  10. Avatar photo

    Tynnielle Boucher

    Sonika’s book, Free To Be, will literally change your life! My favourite part of the book is actually the conclusion. Sonika lists several ways in which God has worked in her and through her for His glory. She believes that if He can do it for HER; He can do it for ME, and in turn, this means that He can do it for YOU too! We just need to be Free To BeLIEVE it!

  11. Avatar photo

    Kayleigh Du Rand

    Raw. Real. Relatable.

    These are three words which come to mind when I think about this book.

    If you are a woman who is looking for a devotional where the author is raw; the events are real and the content is relatable, Free to Be is definitely the book for you.

  12. Avatar photo

    Felicity Allner

    I bought Sonika’s book for my friend that suffers from amnesia, due to a car accident that occurred 36 years ago.

    She was in a coma for 3 months due to brain injury. She reads this book on a daily basis and has read the whole book numerous times. She describes this book as giving her hope and answers for her daily living. The book is very relatable to her life as it contains real life stories that she can relate to and remember. When reading it again, she remembers the stories from the previous time she read it, which is encouraging for her as she seems to remember these details, which she normally struggles with.

    This book has been a blessing and an inspiration for her.

  13. Avatar photo

    Hannecke Kotze

    This book meant so much to me. I just loved it from start to finish and I still catch myself going back to her book and reading it again. As a wife and mother I could really relate to the things she was going through and she puts all her struggles and breakthroughs so beautifully into perspective. Sometimes we feel too ashamed to share the things we struggle with (especially with other women) but that is just what Sonika shows us in this book. We need to share our struggles and help each other.
    As a wife and busy mom of 2, I really love the fact that the devotionals are not too long or complicated but has so much impact and really speaks to my heart. Sonika really inspires me with her book!

  14. Avatar photo

    Franci Snyders

    The Free to Be devotional book was such a word in season for me. I could not wait to read each day’s piece! Sonika shares her life experiences with such honesty and authenticity that it’s very easy to relate, and extremely encouraging to see how God guided, taught, and comforted her through highs and lows. Especially the piece titled “Overcoming Disappointments” really spoke to me. I shared with my husband who then read that piece as well, and God used it powerfully to minister to him. This had a huge influence on the course that we as a couple and family were on. I’m so grateful for the way that the Holy Spirit used this book to speak to us!

  15. Avatar photo

    Nikki TItus

    After reading this book ,I just had to share it with someone and decided that my teenage daughter should be the first one! She absolutely loves it and finds it helpful and encouraging . We love spending time together in God’s word and this devotional is a really great tool , written in such a way that even a teen could relate . God is using this book to help me disciple my daughter and teach her about His faithfulness, steadfast love and comfort.

  16. Avatar photo

    Hester Kingwill

    Sonika’s book really inspired me to be real and share my stories. It was and is a book in season and encouraged me in every way.I want to read it again and again! I loved her honesty and her heart after God. I gave her book to all my sisters as a gift as really believe God is still going to touch and change many people’s life’s through this book.

  17. Avatar photo

    Lize Van Der Merwe

    I love Sonika’s book ‘Free to be’. The devotional reads like a personal letter addressed to the reader from Sonika’s heart. I find it honest, uplifting and equipping and I have given it to many women as a gift.

  18. Avatar photo

    Danelle Esterhuizen

    Rom 1:11 “For I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift to strengthen you – that is, that we may be mutually encouraged by each other’s fait, both yours and mine.”

    Free to Be is such a gift to me – it brings strengthening!

    Sonika, thank you for your courage and vulnerability!

  19. Avatar photo


    Sonika delicately sets the stage for some real conversations that all woman need to have with God. It is one of the best gifts I have received and given! Thank you Sonika!

  20. Avatar photo

    Gaye Moonieya

    I loved this book. It is filled with deep truth and Sonika’s humility, beautiful heart and gentle spirit shine through each page. The book has inspired and encouraged me.

    A couple of years ago I went through a major trial at work and had to fire a staff member. What followed was nearly 6 months dealing with labour issues related to it. To say all hell broke loose is not an understatement. Long story short, over the past few days God has brought the person to my mind several time. So while considering sending her a message on WhatsApp I opened Free to Be to the page titled Overcoming Offenses. It confirmed i needed to send my message. My former colleague instantly responded to say she was in isolation having been diagnosed with Covid 19 6 days ago. I was able to pray for her and I could tell she was as blessed as I was by God’s goodness, kindness and encouragement.

    The Holy Spirit is using Sonika’s book to bring healing, encouragement, restoration and much more. These are the manifold blessings of her obedience in writing her book.

  21. Avatar photo

    Gabriella Rothmann

    Free to Be has empowered so many women to really identify with the woman God has destined them to be.

    It has really touched my heart as it highlighted the role woman embody in the Church family and has set me free of every limitation and lie I believed about my identity. It helped me to take the crafted prayer and questions and reflect on that area in my life the entire day. Some of Sonika’s testimonies really challenged me as I realized I was not yet at the point in my life where I was completely obedient to God’s promptings and needed to grow in this area. It gently and encouragingly helped me to see the fruits of obedience and birthed a desire in my heart to understand my calling and boldly seek to worship God with my obedience.

    I believe this book truly facilitated the process of being set free of every chain that held me back from becoming the woman God created me to be and I have grown so much in this process.

  22. Avatar photo

    Lelane Klose

    Free To Be is a book every woman should have on her side table. It’s a book full of real stories, shared with an authentic an open heart. Not only does Sonika lead us to have conversations with God we might not have any other way, she also makes every devotion very practical by giving points to ponder and scriptures to meditate on. It’s a journey of a book and Sonika invites us all along for the ride, in the process discovering who we truly are in the light of Christ.

    The approach in this book is also so friendly and open that it’s the perfect outreach tool. If you’ve been wondering how to reach out to that colleague that’s been on your heart, or that family member that’s lost their way, look no further. The stories in this book is universally applicable and every woman will find these words resonating with their hearts in a unique way.

  23. Avatar photo

    Sheryl Dearlove

    I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Free to Be’.
    Sonika is so honest and vulnerable and gives us a glimpse into her life and struggles.
    Her victories encourage us to dare to open our struggles with the hope of victory in Christ Jesus.
    Its easy to read and punchy.
    Lovely book to gift family and friends.
    Thank you Sonika.

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