The Torchbearer (Claudine K. Ukwishaka)


The images of light and darkness as metaphors for good and evil have been around since time immemorial, and those that bear the light are symbols of bravery, truth and freedom from the chains of the darkness. In The Torchbearer, Claudine explores what it means to be a torchbearer in a world that is becoming ever more consumed by its love of the darkness.

She draws on her own spiritual journey through many grave trials, traditional stories and the scriptures to show how we can become bold and fearless torchbearers, encouraging our flames to burn ever brighter and more fiercely for everyone to see. The Torchbearer will inspire everyone to become a torchbearer in their family, community, workplace or school, no matter who you are or what your story may be.

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The Torchbearer – Claudine K. Ukwishaka

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