The Bible that Jesus Read

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In this Honours-level overview of the Old Testament for non-specialists (i.e. you don’t have to know Hebrew), we will offer a basic overview of the whole Old Testament and dig slightly deeper into certain sections of it as many Christians don’t quite know what to do with the Old Testament, considering it either pre-Christian (and therefore ignoring it) or sub-Christian (and therefore greatly neglecting it). However, the Old Testament that we have today was the Bible that Jesus and His apostles read and preached from.

Special attention will be given to the contemporary relevance of the Old Testament and preaching Christ from the Old Testament, as the apostles did.

Topics in this online course:
  • Workbook | The Bible that Jesus Read
  • Chapter 1 | The City of Jerusalem and the Kingdom of Judah
  • Chapter 2 | The Rich and Poor in the Old Testament
  • Chapter 3 | The Book of Psalms (Second Temple Hymn Book)
  • Chapter 4 | The Pentateuch: Genesis to Deuteronomy
  • Chapter 5 | The Prophets: Amos, Hosea, and Jeremiah
  • Chapter 6 | The Wisdom Books: Job

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