Encounter 4 Participant Manual


Do you desire to be free from the power and consequences of sin? How do you even know whether you are in bondage or not?

Have you ever wondered why you seem unable to break certain repetitive sin habits or sometimes react in the extreme to certain minor incidences or situations? These can all indicate that there are forces outside of ourselves influencing us – and we seem powerless to resist them.

This is not freedom.

Many of us struggle with the question whether we can be truly free? In this seminar, we will help you to answer this question with an unequivocal “Yes!”

To help with your Freedom Encounter event planning, look at our E4: Freedom Encounter article on the Support Portal. You will find the video sessions, facilitator notes, marketing kits, and more here.

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The Encounter series is a discipleship tool to help you lay solid foundations in your walk with Christ.  The courses are presented by local congregations as we believe discipleship should always happen in the context of the church body.

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