Designed to Be


This book is for those who: no longer want to feel lethargic, restless and frustrated with their lives; want to live a life filled with purpose, significance and joy; are at a crossroad career-wise; perceive that there must be more to life, but don’t know where to start looking; no longer want to be stuck in the same place for the rest of their lives.
The truth is that much of what you need to fulfill your purpose is in fact already placed inside of you, by God our Creator.

You just need to discover it and this book could help you on your journey of discovery.

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After leaving her corporate job as a professional accountant, Riana Goosen went on a ten-year journey with God, asking Him the age old question of ‘Who am I and what is my purpose?’
This book is the story of that journey and how God revealed to her who she really was Designed to Be. Not only does she share her own story, but shares the lessons she has learned along the way and reveal a very practical guide each person can follow in order to find their unique Godly design and purpose in life.
She also invites some guest writers to tell their own authentic stories of finding purpose and how they did it – confirming just how practical we need to be in finding our purpose.
Designed to Be will help you to understand some key Biblical principles needed to find your life’s purpose; discover your unique personality, talents, passions, values and other gifts, in a practical way; fit all the pieces together in order to find your sweet spot in God’s greater plan.



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