Children’s Ministry Training


Need some help with your lessons for the different age groups? Or some advice on how to manage class discipline or prepare for lessons?

In this course, you’ll find sessions covering these questions and more. Learn from those with years of experience in the Children’s Ministry like Jimmy Grant, Trevor and Sharon Gething. Also, see the session about working with special needs children presented by two experienced Educational Psychologists.

Topics that are covered:

  • Shofar Kids Church Training by Sunelle
  • Teaching a Good Lesson by Trevor and Sharon Gething
  • Discipline in the Classroom by Trevor and Sharon Gething
  • Gospel Illusions by Trevor and Sharon Gething
  • Working with different age groups by Jimmy Grant
  • Working with Special Needs Children By Alida Bornman, Christelle Duckitt and Karin Gerber
  • Getting Practical by Trevor and Sharon Gething
  • Creating the Space (Media) by Melanie du Toit & Elke Dunaiski


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