Bible School 201 Manual (A5) – LOW INCOME CHURCH


This manual is only available to low income campuses that has been pre-approved by Shofar Leadership

The word of God was never meant to be placed on a theoretical pedestal, far removed from everyday life. Shofar Bible School aims to make the Bible relevant, understandable and inspiring. Get equipped today to live the Word in your day-to-day life.



  • bible school core values
  • apologetics 201
  • biblical leadership 201: leading where you are now
  • biblical leadership 202: calling and seperation
  • biblical stewardship 201
  • creationism 201
  • environmentalism 201
  • doctrine of God 201
  • fivefold ministry gifts 201
  • the gifts of the Father 201
  • the gifts of the Father 201: questionnaire
  • marriage and family 201
  • practical evangelism 201: christians in society
  • practical evangelism 201: the gifts and anointing
  • school of prayer 201
  • the Bible, authority and politics 201



Bible school second year first semester manual (leading in life) only available to low income campuses.

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