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Are you interested in doing one or two of our Bible School modules but not the full course? You came to the right place!

Here you can register for the second-year modules you are interested in and complete them online through our course site. Click on a module to see more about what we will cover in the sessions. Also, have a look at our free session on Youtube. Register for any of our first-year modules here.

For those that want to complete the full Bible School 1 Course, click here. For the full Bible School 2 Course click here. Both course can be completed as a Online Course or at one of our Bible School campuses.

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With our first Bible School semester course, we start our journey by exploring the fundamental beliefs of Biblical Christianity. We look at topics such as the Bible, God (His nature, attributes, and His deeds), what humanity is, and how humanity can have a living relationship with God, as it is revealed to us within the Bible.

In our second semester of Bible School 1, we continue our journey of exploring the Christian faith. However, in Semester 2, we shift our focus to discipleship. How can we, as Christians, live in the ways of Jesus, our King? By looking at topics such as baptism, worship, prayer, sanctification, and evangelism, we get to see what discipleship looks like practically.

Bible School 2 Semester 1 gives a brief overview of the whole story of the Bible, starting from the Old Testament and ending at the book of Revelation. In the second half of this course, we start our discussion on Biblical ministry and leadership. How does the Kingdom of God find its expression throughout this wonderful story of the Bible and how does this Kingdom of God impact our lives as we lead others in ministry?

In the second semester of Bible School 2, we continue our journey of exploring the meaning of Biblical leadership. In the first semester, we looked at what Biblical leadership is. Now, in the second semester, we start to get practical by looking at various topics on how Biblical leadership is lived out in the real world.

This product allows you to register for one or more of the Bible School modules and complete them online.

You can also register for the full course either online or by attending live lectures at one of our Bible School campuses. Find out more here: Bible School 1 and Bible School 2.

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Bible School 1 Module 1 | The Bible, Bible School 1 Module 2 | The Trinity, Bible School 1 Module 3 | The Creator, Bible School 1 Module 4 | The Christ, Bible School 1 Module 5 | The Holy Spirit, Bible School 1 Module 6 | Covenant, Bible School 1 Module 7 | What is Man?, Bible School 1 Module 8 | Salvation and Faith, Bible School 1 Module 9 | Adoption by God, Bible School 1 Module 10 | Discipleship, Bible School 1 Module 11 | Baptism, Bible School 1 Module 12: The Body of Christ, Bible School 1 Module 13 | Worship, Bible School 1 Module 14 | Prayer, Bible School 1 Module 15 | Personal Healing, Bible School 1 Module 16 | Habitual sins, Bible School 1 Module 17 | Worldviews, Bible School 1 Module 18 | What is the Gospel?, Bible School 1 Module 19 | Evangelism, Bible School 2 Module 1 | Interpreting the Bible, Bible School 2 Module 2 | The Preservation of the Bible, Bible School 2 Module 3 | The Kingdom, Bible School 2 Module 4 | The story of God, Bible School 2 Module 5 | The story of Jesus, Bible School 2 Module 6 | The story of the Church, Bible School 2 Module 7 | The final things, Bible School 2 Module 8 | Biblical Leadership, Bible School 2 Module 9 | Gifts form God, Bible School 2 Module 10 | Living a life of impact, Bible School 2 Module 11 | Stewardship, Bible School 2 Module 12 | Intercessory Prayer, Bible School 2 Module 13 | Unity in the Church, Bible School 2 Module 14 | Church discipline, Bible School 2 Module 15 | Church and State, Bible School 2 Module 16 | The Church and poverty, Bible School 2 Module 17 | Work, Bible School 2 Module 18 | Physical healing


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