Bible School 2 Module 8: Biblical leadership

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Biblical leadership |  Am I a leader and do I have a calling? 

The term “leadership” tends to be used so much that we often lose sight of the meaning and purpose of leadership. In fact, it is used so much that it is hard to create a single definition. However, we instinctively know when we are in the presence of good leadership and when we are dealing with bad leadership in any sphere of society. Leadership is intrinsic to the human experience because of the social fabric of relationships and how we aggregate to work on common goals. Wherever people gather, the matter of leadership is sure to ensue. The world emphasises power, prestige, charisma, and the ability to dominate others as good leadership traits. But what does the Bible say about good leadership? What is the Biblical definition of leadership? In this module, we will unpack the topic of Biblical leadership.