Bible School 1 Module 16: Habitual Sins

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Bible School 1 Module 16: Habitual Sins | How am I more than a conqueror in Christ?

In this module, we are discussing broad guidelines to growing in holiness. Holiness is a vague and theological concept for most people, but its premise is quite simple. To be holy is to be separate (or different) from the corruption and sin in the world. We should be holy because God is holy (1 Peter 1:16). Growing in holiness is a journey and a process. In some areas, we quickly manage to overcome weaknesses. But in other areas, we might struggle. No person is beyond sin in this life, and no person can rightly claim to be perfect. As Jesus said, there is no one who is good except for God (Mark 10:18). That means that we should embark on a journey to overcome the personal sins that we struggle with.