Marriage Preparation Participant Manual


our purpose with marriage preparation:

  1. Our Goal as Shofar Christian Church is to become a family with an effective outward focus. To be effective in our reaching out, the family should focus on God and be dependent on and empowered by the Holy Spirit. This is done through healthy, happy and Godly marriages.
  2. In Marriage Preparation, we establish Biblical foundations as opposed to the Worldly view of marriage.
  3. The issues we will be dealing with during this course will touch on various aspects of marital life.


format of the course:

  1. This course will be presented in a small group format.
  2. Each couple will be connected to an older mentor couple for at least a year.



  • the christian marriage
  • the role of the husband
  • the role of the wife
  • self esteem(self-worth)
  • family goals and priorities
  • communication: key to your marriage
  • sex and intimacy
  • house and home
  • family structure
  • addendum A: marriage contracts
  • addendum B: wedding ceremony
  • addendum C: wedding handbook
  • addendum D: marriage register
  • addendum E: music and sound request



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