Holy Love (James Pringle)


Holy Love is James Pringle’s first solo music project. Five brand new tracks sing of the themes that are closest to James’ heart: God’s love and His holiness, His indescribable work on the Cross, the awakening of His Bride, and our longing for an eternity spent adoring Him.

Songs on this album:

  1. Holy Love
  2. Zion
  3. The Scroll
  4. The Kingdom
  5. Love Like You

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Why Holy Love?

The love of God is not abstract or sentimental. It’s anchored in His holiness. Although we tend to focus on one or the other, God is both love AND holy. And Christ hanging on the Cross is the most profound demonstration of this. The more we see the holiness of God, the more we see how deep and undeserved His love is. And then we can begin to love others the same way He loves us.

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