Convergence 2012 Online Course


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The annual Shofar conference took place from 27 to 30 September at Oude Molen in Stellenbosch, South Africa. The focus was on the watchmen and messenger, as found in Isaiah 52:7-8.


Main Sessions

Disc 1: Rick Rusaw – God’s call to the church: becoming the best church for the community

Disc 2: Chris Lodewyk – the gospel as breaking news

Disc 3: Fred May – the gps co-ordinates

Disc 4 – Dirkie van der Spuy – living under the control of the Holy Spirit to be effective witnesses

Disc 5: Corné Bekker – come up here

Disc 6: Rick Rusaw – life on loan: being a good neighbour

Disc 7: Corné Bekker – to mourn like an ostrich

Disc 8: Bonus disc – shofarband & our conference


Ellective sessions

Disc 1.elective1: Rick Rusaw – external focus

Disc 1.elecetive2: Vinay Samuel & Peter Hammond – a voice of influence

Disc 2.elective1: Chris Lodewyk – managing vision

Disc 2.elective2: André O’Kennedy & George Malek – pastoral care ministry

Disc 3.elective1: Pastors from the persecuted church – the missional church

Disc 4.elective1: Jeremy Riddle – worship

Disc 4.elective2: Vinay Samuel – cross-cultural ministry

Disc 5.elective1: Rick Rusaw – managing diverse ministry

Disc 5.elective2: Chris Sugden, Vinay Samuel & Corné Bekker – theology as bridge

Disc 6.elective 1: Lucille May – intercession

Disc 6.elective2: Dirkie van der Spuy – building through small groups (in afrikaans)

Disc 7.elective1: Amanda le Roux – practical intercession

Disc 8. elecctive1: Jerremy Riddle band – bonus session: worship workshops

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