Awaken Namibia 2016 DVD


As women, we’re living expressions of Christ’s love and have an irreplaceable part to play in His plan, but in order to truly fulfil our role in God’s great purpose, we need to be fully awake, fully engaged and fully alive. Our Awaken Women’s Conference is a place where God can awaken our hearts to Him, to each other and to the world around us. This DVD set includes sessions from Awaken Namibia, creating an opportunity for us to experience what was imparted at this year’s Awaken Namibia: A Wise Woman Builds.


Disc 1

session 1: wise women build their homes – alida bornman

session 2: wise women build their communities – panel session (maritza holz, hannelore cooke & nicky conyers)

Disc 2

session 3: an army of building women – fred may


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