Bible School Introduction

Why Bible School?
The greatest and most important adventure in life is what the Bible calls discipleship. Discipleship means that we inherently and irrevocably change as human beings. The Bible teaches us that there is nothing more important than becoming like Jesus. How do we change? Through the ages, the church has confirmed that the Bible is both the standard and the guide that instructs, confronts and inspires us in the process of following Jesus. That is why a platform like Bible School is so appropriate because it affords us the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the words and the world of the Bible where we can learn who God is, who we are as human beings and how we can become more like Jesus in the process.

How to benefit from this course
On this course site you will find all the available resources needed for completing your Bible School course. You will have access to the Bible School 1 Semester 1 handbook, video sessions for each module, reflection questions and a test for each module. In order to complete your Bible School 1 Semester 1 course you must complete all the reflection question and pass all the tests.
Please work through all of the material on the course site, including the handbook and all the video sessions for each module. You will be required to know the handbook’s content in order to pass your tests and complete reflection questions. Each module follows logically and sequentially on the previous modules. In the process, we want to build a Biblical worldview of who God is, how we can live a meaningful life, and what constitutes reality. Therefore, it will benefit you by working through the course’s content chronologically.

It is our prayer that Bible School will be of help to you as you are transformed by the power of God, and as you seek to renew your mind so your life might be a worthy sacrifice unto God!